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Car Accident Tips

If You Have an Accident

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  • Collect information from the other driver(s), including insurance information, license numbers, the vehicle makes and models, phone numbers, addresses, and names.

  • If anyone is injured, call 911; you may also need to contact the police if the others involved won’t cooperate.

  • Collect information from any passengers or witnesses.

  • Inspect the damage done to both vehicles and take pictures of the accident scene.

  • Do not admit fault, and do not discuss the accident with anyone besides the police and your insurance provider.

  • Notify your insurance provider.

Contact Customer Service

If you are in an accident, you can call us during normal business hours or reach out to your insurance provider directly.

  • What Information Should You Gather After an Accident?
    • When and where the accident occurred.
  • The road and weather conditions at the time of the accident.

    • How fast each vehicle was going.
  • Which direction each vehicle was driving.

    • Identifying information from the other driver(s), including their name, address, phone number, license number, and birthdate.
  • Information about the vehicle, including the license plate number, make and model, and registration information.

    • Insurance information from the other driver(s).
  • Information from any witnesses.

    • Pictures of the accident scene, supported by a detailed description of the accident.
  • If the police made an accident report, then you’ll need the case number and name of the department.

    • Pictures of the other car’s license plate and registration, plus ones of the other driver’s license and insurance information.